maths-board Think about this: I my career, and also in my life, there are a lot of numbers, just like in yours. But this is not a real thing, isn’t it?

Recently, I finished my first year of university with a baffling calculus exam. And I was very happy about it. But to be honest, now there is a question grounded in my mind that makes me doubt about everything I have learned since I didn’t know how to count up to three. That isn’t a new question for me.

Are maths out there? My experience tells me that numbers are synchronized and coordinated with nature. I mean that maths seem to be something that men discovered, not invented. We don’t understand many things that maths tells us, because we don’t understand the natural world at all.

By the other side, my use of reason makes me think something very different. When I stare at a tree, I don’t see numbers. I see leaves, but not polar functions, I see branches but not equations. The most mathematics-related thing I can see clearly are the roots, but they are not square!

This means that maths are a simple tool to help us understand the environment. So the tree doesn’t calculate anything. You can’t pretend a mathematical model or theory to completely describe a real situation. Reality always goes beyond, doesn’t it?

So every maths-related concept is an attempt of approach to the real world that we have made up. And now I am at beginning again: How could we don’t understand something we have invented?

How it is possible to get the same result by different ways? Why the hell some numbers can be so related with natural facts. Are maths natural? Is nature mathematical? Oh, this is killing me.


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